Free Online Nursing Tracker

Welcome to Nursing Master!

Nursing Master is a free online tool that helps new mothers keep a log of their baby's feedings.

It's easy to get started:

Just enter your baby's first name and date of birth and click "submit". Then when you begin feeding your baby, just click one of the big "Start" buttons. When you've finished feeding on a side, click the button again. Nursing Master will keep a running log of all your baby's feedings for that day. If you miss a feeding, you can add a feeding manually by clicking the Add Timing button.

More to come…

Currently, Nursing Master is in beta, but we're still working on it to make it the best tool possible. Very soon we'll be adding the following features:

  • Delete Timings
  • Edit Timings
  • View Feedings As a Graph
  • Log Bottle Feedings

If you have other suggestions or are having any trouble with our site, please contact us.

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